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Our mission at MD Contracting Services (MDCS) is to achieve the greatest level of personal relationship with every account we have the privilege of attaining.


The focus of our company is to generate a higher standard of knowledge, loyalty and trust for each individual resident and business owner we service. MDCS has always been committed to these attributes because we believed it would ignite an exciting new direction of confidence in owners who have to depend on others to keep their business running efficiently.  Our purpose of instilling these values was to guarantee the highest level of accountability and dependability shared with our clients.


We appreciate how consumers can sometimes feel vulnerable, overwhelmed or even helpless in not having much experience or knowledge in areas where you may have to depend on others for assistance. As homeowners and business owners ourselves, we value the importance in knowing the people we have to rely on and trust in maintaining and servicing our needs.


This was the principle reason for founding MDCS. Our promise here is to never forget what being a customer is.  With each account we service, we conduct business with the same expectation of what we would expect from our contracted service providers.


Regardless of what your building maintenance needs may be, confidently be assured “We Will Always Care”.  With the most reliable and affordable service when it comes to your business, you can depend on MD Contracting Services to worry… So that you won’t have to!


Heating & Cooling Electrical Plumbing

Heating & Cooling
Commercial Kitchen Repair
Sheet Metal
Air Flow Management
Make Up Air Systems
Seasonal Cleanings
Prevenative Maintenance

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
Control Systems
Sump Pumps

Energy Management


Gas & Pipe Repair
Faucet Installation & Repair
Drain Repair & Cleaning
Water Heating System
Boilers & Heat Pumps
Circulation Pumps
Appliance Connections
Toilet & Sink Repair

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